We envision Islam as "Deen, System & Complete Code of Life" & Muslims as an "Ummah".

Our Goal is To Eradicate Evil & establish 'Haq', afoot a Social & Political Revolution based on Taqwah, Eimaan & Accountability.


Al Barakh Stores is a chain of Cheap Grocery stores from "PUBLIC FORUM" Local and National Products are promoted to curb Multi National Companies and support Local companies so that it can benefit our economy. Products are offered on small margin ,on wholesale rates. These grocery stores are a great relief for poor...



  Masjid Maktab Centre – 1 room 1 teacher school, Basics Islamic Teachings & Primary education being provided. 5 centers are currently operational. Focus Community: Primarily for children of Brick Kiln labors, Afghan Immigrants & Internally Displaced Persons, Gypsies & extreme poor people. These...



  •Goal: To eliminate poverty and empower farmers on grass root level through interest free microfinance in order to enable them earn sustainable Halal Livelihood and save them from Agricultural money lenders(ARAHATI) . Procedure of Loan: •Loan is provided to small farmers (having land...



        A program designed to offer primary healthcare in rural and urban areas at minimal cost. Details of program: 1.Experienced and qualified dispensers 2.Dispenser is trained to screen patients and is educated to treat minor illnesses. This will decrease the work load of government...

Dawah o Tarbiyyah

Dawah o Tarbiyyah


Community Development

Community Development


... the ultimate destination

Our Goal ::

To eradicate Evil & establish Haq, awake the sleeping forces of Ummah, optimum usage of best available resources and afoot a social & political revolution based on Eimaan & Accountability.

:: What, Why & How ?

Who We Are ?

Under the divine guidance of Quran & Sunnah, at Public Forum we are a team of Passionate, Creative & Sensitive people who envision Islam as complete code of life & Muslims as an Ummah.

..which we own, owe & care

Our Values

Like almost all of our strategies, we have derived our values from Quran & Sunnah. Eimaan | In Allah we truly believe, Taqwa | Fearing Allah with Hope & Obedience, Accountability | Answerable on Day of Judgement

It's hard, Yet Not Impossible

Community Issues & Shari'ah

We believe in SMART Solutions. We analyze the gratitude of the problem & issue and depending upon the situation we re-act to it. Most of our solutions are tailored & designed for the specific community.

We strongly believe that Islam is Just NOT a Religion, instead it is a Complete Code of Life. At Public Forum Professional Philanthropists are trying to come up with intelligent & sustainable solutions in the light of Qur'an & Sunnah i.e. the Shari'ah.

Community not only participates but also owns the programs in order to make them efficient & sustainable. They not only take part in planning but also execution, monitoring & evaluation is equally witnessed by the committee consisting of the locales.

News Board

Issue of the Week

.. what we do round the clock !

A Glimpse on Activities

  • How to Address Immodesty ?

    How to Address Immodesty ?

  • Falahi O Islahi Nashist – Gujrat

    Falahi O Islahi Nashist – Gujrat

  • Abdul Rehman Amjad join hands with Public Forum for poverty alleviation programs

    Abdul Rehman Amjad join hands with Public Forum for poverty alleviation programs

  • Azmat-e-Islam Conference 12′

    Azmat-e-Islam Conference 12′

  • A Visit to Thar parker

    A Visit to Thar parker